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i am aldrich a Creative professional freelance Website Designer in Singapore, building modern looking & affordable corporate websites with SEO strategy for SME and small businesses on a budget.


Awesome Loud Design Rocks



Creatively design your company logo in high resolution. 



Design and craft out a modern, stunning  looking  and responsive website



Short video show reel to promote your company and your brand.




Search engine optimization and online marketing  .


Modern & Professional Website Design

Best Recommended Web Design Budget Package


  • Modern website 

  • No hidden cost. 

  • Mobile optimised view

  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.)

  • Basic to Advanced (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

  • Google analytics report

  • 3 months website maintenance

  • domain name and web hosting 1 year

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The Process of Designing your Website


Does designing your website seems difficult to deal with and taking too much of your time. We at ALDR Website Design base in Singapore will guide you through a simple process on how a website is design and build. We are able to build an attractive website for you.


A website is a place where your potential customer visit online, giving it the first impression of your organization, even before stepping into your actual shop or company. Everyone will search for your service or products online. Hence in these days and age having a online presence is a must. A modern looking and functioning website is very important. 


We are here to help you out, we have put together a step by step guide for you.


Identify what type of Website do you need 


Before you start designing your website, you need to know what is the purpose of your website.


Do you need a Ecommerce website where you are able to sell items online. Or you need a company or corporate website just to showcase your services and products.


What is your ultimate goal.

Are the potential customers visiting your website base in Singapore. Or Worldwide. What type of information do you want to display and show on the website.


Once your intention is clear, it will ultimately dictate how your website looks and feels.


A Content Strategy


Research and understand your industry. With these information it will define your content strategy for your website. Think about what your unique selling point and present it on your website.



Choose your Domain Name


Try to keep the name short not more than 2-3 words. Long complex domain name is difficult to remember. Your domain name should also reflect your brand.



Design and Structure of your website


The type of style, color palettes and features required on the website.


A logical structure flow of the website is very important. This will also affect the UX User Experience. This typically means the layout of your site. It is like the interior layout of your house, before you start to decorate it with furnishings … etc.





As an analogy imagine your website is like a Singapore unit (your website) hosted in a HDB block as the (Server) and within the HDB Block there are many homes units as the (Domain name) like Lim family, Tan family … etc. And a new home unit will be raw without any renovation, hence will need interior designer (Website Designing in Singapore) to design and develop the website (HDB unit).  


Design by Aldrich Lim

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